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About Us

" Over the years a lot has changed, BUT SOME THINGS HAVEN'T. The foundations of life, such a faith, integrity, true friendship, good health, honesty, trust and hard work remain the keys to truly being a winner in life.


The mission of our Company has always been to offer unique advantaqges in a consistent manner as compared to our competitors, we everyday build upon those moral foundations of life. "




Tiki Huts by Advanced Construction Corp. has, over the years (since 1987), grown from humble beginnings to be the undisputed leader in the creation of Tropical themed environments.


Our philosophy of Teaching and retaining world-class talent has ensured an exceptional staff driven to satisfy our customer needs. our success is embodied in our people.


Stimulated by challenge, we had embraced technology and change, and capable of satisfying just about any customer requirement. From this approach has evolved our simple motto:




At Tiki Huts by ACC all of our employees have learned through the years through on the job Training Thatching and building thatched structures is not something that is learned through Books this is some thing that is learned and handed down generation by generation.


We don't subcontract any of our thatching projects they are all done by our employees. Over the years, our customers come to us with ever increasing challenges. Tiki Huts by ACC is a specialist full-service construction company able to offer a complete range of services including creative design and architecture, estimating, engineering, project management, as well as the on-site construction.


State Certified General Contractor

(Lic.# CG C059321)

Traditional Thatched Structure Contractor

(Lic.# CYC000002)

Roofing Contractor

(Lic.# CCC 057740) 


Tiki Huts by ACC is not merely limited to performing the specialist Chickee or Tiki component of your project, but we will gladly and professionally perform the General Contractor or Project Manager service as well.


 Thank You !  For Considering Us. 

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