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Thatch Styles

We have used all types of thatch and can best advise you on the pros and cons of each type of thatch. Selection of the thatch is critical and is usually based on weather conditions of the area.


Our customers can choose the type of Thatch you desire: Palm thatch, Reed thatch and Synthetic thatch. In each of our work guaranteed quality, good design and compliance.


Tiki Huts projects around the world stand proud testament to this level of craftsmanship and quality. Our paramount purpose is to leave you with a product that exceeds your expectations. We offer a life-time warranty on the structure!

Palm Thatch


One of the oldest, most traditional types of roofing materials, Palm thatch, is our most widely used thatch.  


It is a replenishable resource making it eco-friendly and because temperatures under the palm thatch structure can be 15-20 degrees cooler than outside, it makes for an economical outdoor living space and investment.

Reed Thatch


The Reed Thatch panel is artificial thatch designed to exceed natural thatch in durability yet still maintain an authentic thatch appearance.


Reed Thatch creates a more molded finish silhouette. It resists fading, rotting, decaying, humidity, UV/weather damage, fire, and wind uplift.

Synthetic Thatch


The Synthetic palm thatch that can be used as an alternative to natural thatch. It is the perfect solution for covering your tiki hut, palapa, gazebo, cabana, tiki bar or any structure that you would like to give a tropical look and feel to.

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